The Bionicon 2 Convention - June 29 - July 1 2007 in Los Angeles


KJ setting up the stands for the readers

Picture and Summary from Keith. (thanks!!!)

These notes are from memory (so I may have a couple facts mixed up or left out, but overall, this is what happened):
KJ first started talking about the potential "V:TSG" TV miniseries. He said the broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, etc.) basically don't do miniseries any more, leaving only cable networks as an option. He said obviously some cable channels, like Lifetime and The Food Channel, wouldn't be a good fit for "V". He said the obvious choice is the Sci-Fi Channel, and the Sci-Fi Channel is interested. The problem, though, is that Sci-Fi is owned by Universal and "V" is owned by Warner Brothers and each side wants "the bigger piece of the pie". He said it's like Ford and Chevy trying to make a car together. So the lawyers from each side are battling it out and it's a slow process. He said "V:TSG" is slated to be a $19-20 million dollar project and Warner Home Video has committed to half of it (so they're looking for a partner to cover the other half of it). KJ said 3 or 4 other cable networks and 13 Sky B, a British network, are also interested in it. He said that after the book comes out, he hopes to speed things up by going to the network heads with a copy of it and saying, "Hey guys, how about doing a miniseries about this book!" KJ was so funny throughout the weekend and was an absolute delight to meet in person. - Keith

The Bionicon 1 Convention - June 23-25, 2006 in Tampa, Fla

Fellow Visitors and Friends –

My head is exploding with excitement.  I am writing this portion from the Bionicon Convention itself as we’re waiting for Lindsay Wagner to come on for her Q&A session.

Ken Johnson, baby KJ, ilana at Bionicon 1, 6/24/06.

There is SO MUCH information that it’s going to take me a while to get to it all, so I’m going to put the MAJOR points out RIGHT NOW.  Pictures and everything else will follow over the next couple of weeks, so be sure to check back every day just in case!!! 


“V” attendees were:  Ken Johnson, Marc Singer and Denny Miller (he was the skyfighter pilot in V:TO during the camp scene.)  He was also the Visitor who kept asking Donovan all those questions when Donovan snuck aboard the Mothership and escaped via the skyfighter.

Ken Johnson brought his family along!  Wife, the amazing Susie, beautiful daughter Kate and Kate’s husband, Doug (who, btw, is very cute!)  Denny Miller had his lovely and most personable wife, Nancy, with him, and Marc, as usual, was solo.  I asked Marc why his wife, Huanini Minn, never comes to the conventions with him but I can’t remember his answer because I was still in shock that I was standing in front of “Mike Donovan!”  You all remember Huanini was in the first episode of V:TS.

Upon seeing my daughter, KJ (dubbed KJ:TSG by “V” fan Theresa K!), Marc asked me if I was spreading out her inoculation shots.  He continued to tell me how there’s a chance of autism if the shots weren’t spread out.  I asked if his daughter’s shots were spread out and he said ‘no’ but she is just fine, thank goodness!  She’s 15 and doing great!  Marc may be back in NJ for MonsterMania in Cherry Hill (for next year) but it’s not set up yet.

Denny Miller and Nancy (Nancy has 8 grandsons) were incredible.  I gave KJ:TSG to Denny and he looked so scared as if he were going to drop her!  But I knew he wouldn’t.  Denny, if you didn’t know, is a BIG guy and still in perfect shape.  You may remember he played Tarzan.  He was also in Gilligan’s Island!

Ken Johnson wasn’t in the Dealer’s Room signing autographs like Marc and Denny, so you can only imagine how I felt.  I had to find him.  He HAD to meet baby KJ.  Ken was running around doing 1000 things at once, but I spotted Susie in the Convention room so I approached her and when I told her who I was, I got the biggest smile from her and I melted!  Sitting right next to her was Ken’s daughter, Kate, and her husband, Doug.  Susie immediately asked me where the baby was so I told her that she was HERE (in Tampa) but out with my friends.  Then Susie asked if Ken knew I was here yet so I told her no, I haven’t seen him yet.

On Saturday, 6/24/06, Ken did a LIVE Director’s Commentary on the Bionic Woman episode “Doomsday.”  Ken’s commentary was every bit as interesting as the one he did for “V.”  He told some great stories which incorporated “V” people such as composer Joe Harnell, actor Stack Pierce, etc.  After he was done, I went up to him (he was still on stage) to say hi and he was ecstatic to see me!  He asked for the baby so I told him she’ll catch up with him later.  It seemed fine with him because he was being bombarded with other people walking up to him, etc.  Poor guy wasn’t left alone for one second but he remained as sweet as ever and made it a point to speak to everyone who approached him!  A real trooper indeed!

Later in the evening there was an Autograph Session with Ken Johnson and Lindsay Wagner.  I was hanging out in the hallway checking email when wah-la!  My friends, Lisa & Jeri who were watching my baby showed up with the baby!  What perfect timing!  So we all went into the Autograph room and Ken was finishing up with the last few people but luckily, Susie (and Kate and Doug) were right there.  Lisa took the baby out of the stroller and introduced her to Susie.  I wish I had a picture of baby KJ meeting Susie for the first time.  It was absolutely precious!  I gave baby KJ over to Susie and I whipped out my camera!  Ken looked over, saw everything going on, and was torn between running over to see the baby or finishing up with his last autograph fan!  I “told” him to go ahead and finish up.  As soon as he did, he came right over and just had to see the baby!  My knees just about buckled out from under me!

Okay.  You’ve waited long enough.  Here are the “V” updates!!!!!!!

  • KEN JOHNSON has written the BOOK of V: The Second Generation.  He hooked up with Tor Books (who did the original “V” books) and if all goes well, the book should be coming out in 2007!
  1. It appears that V:TSG the TV movie will be moving forward!  Right now there’s a $19 million budget but Ken is working with Warner Brothers Home Video to get more.  As of 6/25/06, all of the contracts with the powers that be have not yet been signed.  But the great news is we’ll get a glimpse of the movie from the book!
  1. The character of Mike Donovan appears to have died 10 years after V:TO.
  1. The Mothership will have a different look.  The exterior will have a reptilian type of look.  For those of you who don’t know, for V:TO there were no models of the Motherships.  Everything was matte.
  1. Remember the Distress Signal Julie Parrish sent out at the end of V:TO?  Well, guess what?  They finally arrive.  One’s a black woman, one’s a white woman and there’s a guy.  Are they good or are they bad?
Stay tuned for more updates and pictures!!!  If you have any questions meanwhile, you can email me at .  Please put “ ILANA – ‘V’’ in the subject otherwise with all the spam I get, I may accidentally pass over it!!!