BRUCE DAVISON aka John Langley


Bruce Davison and ilana.  October 6, 2007, Parsippany Hilton, New Jersey, Chiller Convention.

(gotta love the background poster!)

Bruce was in 2 eps of V:TS -- "The Hero" and "The Betrayal."

See the autograph HERE.

What a sweetheart this guy is!  Just look at that huge hug Bruce gave me!  He was bending down so we could both fit in the picture ;)

(As I was bee-lining toward Bruce's table, the only "V" actor at Chiller Con, I was greeted by fellow "V" fan, Rick. (hi Rick! Nice to have met you!))

While there were no pics from "V" on Bruce's table, his volunteer assistant (the one who takes the $$$ for the autographs) was on the up and up.  When I mentioned "V" -- the assistant immediately pulled out a resume sheet and rattled off Bruce's character name, John Langley.

Baby KJ was fast asleep in the stroller, so when I "introduced" her to Bruce, he mentioned that he has a 17-month old daughter named Sophie!  Bruce's wife is named Michele.  Bruce also has another child with previous wife, Lisa.

I also asked Bruce if he's ever been to New Jersey and he said he used to have a place in Wildwood but hasn't been to NJ in 30 years!

Our time was short because I didn't want to hold up the line of people waiting to get Mr. X-Men's autograph, but I must say, Bruce did not rush me at all.  He was quite the gentleman and totally made my day!

Some background information on Bruce:

Born June 28, 1946 in Philadelphia, PA

Originally attended Penn State as an art major and planned on being a painter. Davison auditioned for a school play on a bet and immediately realized that he would rather be an actor instead. (IMDB)