RICHARD HERD aka Supreme Cmdr. John



Richard Herd snuggles up to Ilana & Theresa K.

11/3/00 - Metuchen, NJ at the Forum Theatre

Special thanks to Matt from The Forum!

PS Richard's wife is beautiful!

Richard Herd played "Leo," a funny guy who likes to play practical jokes.

6/3/06 - I took my 7 month old Starchild, KJ (named after Ken Johnson,) to her very first convention called Chiller in NJ!  RICHARD HERD was the first to meet the little Ensign!  The place was packed with Guests and Civilians, but I was able to quickly scope out the room Richard was in.

In the room were 3 other Guests.  Richard's table is the only one that had a line!  I must tell you how incredible Richard Herd is.  Having met him several times, he's always charming and most pleasant to be around.

Once he got a hold of baby KJ, that was it.  He scooped her up and decided to auction her off to the highest bidder!  Before I could turn around, Richard and KJ were out in the hall walking through the crowds!  Now,



The play is about a new lawyer in town (Michael Mahoney) who gets invited to a men's club by Leo (Richard Herd).  The play, by Ed Simpson, does an amazing job of telling a story about nothing.  The play gets you involved in the characters right away, and the massive amount of dialogue, which the actors only had 2-1/2 weeks to learn, keeps you interested throughout the 1-1/2 hours.  Click pics to enlarge.

The cast was filled with well-known actors, and the Forum Theatre was warm and welcoming.

Richard Herd did a superb acting job, playing a jolly man who tried to keep this men's club going for over 15 years.  One of the founding members had just passed away, so it was a hard time for the men, who consisted of: Nick (Brian Thomas Fitzpatrick), Joel (Michael Mahoney), Dink (Patrick Tull), Perry (David Wells) and of course Leo (Richard Herd).

Matt, the box office guy, was kind enough to give Richard a message for us that we were coming to see the play.  He arranged for Richard to meet us in the lobby after the play.  A few weeks prior to this, when I was calling to make the reservations, I mentioned to Matt that we're coming just to see Richard, and he said "Hold on" and the next thing I know, Richard Herd was on the phone talking to me!  He just happened to be near the box office at that moment, and when I mentioned the "V" Convention 2000, he remembered that Theresa K. and I were from NJ (since he told us about the play while at the convention).

We were waiting in the lobby after the show, and meanwhile we were able to catch all of the other actors, get their autographs, and pictures too!  (pictures by Ron!)

When Richard came out, he was immediately surrounded by his family and they were looking at the train schedule.  Then Richard asked if they had enough time for a cup of coffee up the block.  He didn't see us yet, so I scooted in there and hugged him around the waist, and when he saw/remembered me, he started talking to me!  Theresa K. was right there with me, and Richard was kind enough to sign our theatre books and an 8x10 "pest" picture for me.  He said he didn't have time for a picture, but as he was walking out the door, Theresa and I just nuzzled up to him and he said "Oh! Okay" and Ron shot the picture real fast!

Richard Herd was just as kind and generous as he was at the "V" convention!

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Theresa, Brian Fitzpatrick, Ilana

Brian Fitzpatrick's credits include: All My Children, Search For Tomorrow, Loving, The Young and the Restless, Star Trek Voyager.

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Theresa, Michael Mahoney, Ilana

Michael Mahoney's credits include commercials Kemper Insurance, Etoy and he's the founding member of Ozark Moonshine Acting Company.

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Patrick Tull's credits include: Getting Married, Amadeus, The Astrakhan Coat, What the Butler Saw, The Art of Success and narrated Sea Tales for A&E.

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Theresa, David Wells, Ilana

David Wells' credits include: The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Dharma and Greg, 7th Heaven, Ellen, The Practice.