JANE BADLER "V" Con 2000


Jane Badler & June Chadwick's V CON 2000 Appearance available on VHS and PAL! Email me for details.

Ilana & Jane Badler

Brian Tosko & Jane Badler     

Jane Badler & long-time friend June Chadwick

Jane's very comfortable with the fans.

Simon hangs with Brian as Jane signs pictures.

Jane sings for us!  Standing ovation!

Linda Lee's turn for an autograph.

Linda Lee & Jane Badler

Jane looks stunning!
David Packer, Jane Badler, June Chadwick at the cocktail reception.

David Packer, Sheri & Jane Badler laugh it up

Sheri, David Packer, Jane Badler

Dena Vaughan, David Packer, Jane Badler, Jose

Simon & Brian can't get enough of this Australian!

(who is this?) & Jane

(who is this?) with David Packer & Jane