New York City, NY
April 22, 2008


Release Date: June 2008

NOW Exclusively through ilana


How excited do you think I was when Brian Tosko, President of the Jane Badler Society, told me that Jane was coming back to New York so soon after her last visit [Halloween 2007?]  Well, I'm sure you can imagine how my heart was pounding with anticipation!

Next thing I know, Jane contacted me with a date, time and location where to meet her for lunch.  This was an extra-special day because Jane's husband, Stephen, her mom, Enid, and younger sister, Alice, were also staying with Jane in NYC!  Unfortunately for me, Stephen was busy working so I didn't get to meet him, but Brian met him a loooong time ago in Florida when Jane and Stephen were in the States.

The time for lunch was set at 12:30pm, but I arrived at the secret hotel location around 12:15pm.  Brian phoned to say he'll be arriving in 5 minutes (which was really 15 minutes NYC cab-time.)  The front desk girl called up to Jane's room to let her know I was there -- and professionally announced me as Lizard Lady.  Front Desk Girl smiled and told me to meet them at the restaurant.  I hung out in the lobby until Brian arrived so we could make our grand entrance together.

Brian and I entered the elevator (which was padded like an insane asylum) and headed upstairs to the restaurant.  We were greeted by the host and then Brian spotted Jane waving to us.  Totally (yet accidentally because of excitement) ignoring Host man, we made our way inside and into the arms of Jane, Alice and Enid!!  (Enid hadn't seen Brian in person in like 15 years!)

We sat down in the waiting area until the table was ready.  After kisses and hugs, Jane handed me a bag with gifts!  A very thoughtful, neatly wrapped box of Aroma Therapy Sticks and a fun gumball machine! (love that stuff!!!)  I told her how I hadn't had a bath in forever so the sticks will help greatly!

We briefly discussed the V:TSG book and how we hope the two (or even just one!) theatrical movies get made.  Jane liked the whole Insect idea.

At the lunch table: Tuna Garden Salad, Sparkling Water, Seafood cocktail, Hamburgers (Brian and me), Bread in a Basket.  Portions were a nice size and everything was delicious! 

Originally I was going to order just a Salad and Jane said, "You need protein!" so I switched to the hamburger.  When the French Fries came out, Enid passed them around and told Brian to take more, more more! (he's a growing boy, you know.)

Enid and Alice had a car coming to escort them out of the city at 2pm and it was now 1:50pm.  But we had to take pictures!  The driver was already downstairs waiting, so Alice asked him if he could drive around the block (giving us 10 mins to take the pics!)  Then he came back and shot the pic of all of us.

After Enid and Alice left, we went back up to the Restaurant where Jane signed the Exclusive CD's (to be released in June 2008.)  I have 9 Autographed CD's with glossy picture booklet and words to the 11 songs, so if you want one, email me immediately with "JANE BADLER CD' in the subject!

Then Jane invited Brian and me to her room.  And what a room it was!  This place was huge (750 sq foot and a 40" wall hanging TV) and so unlike any normal-sized NYC pea-sized room!  It had a HUGE tub right out in the open with just a curtain to pull around for privacy.  The bathroom was sectioned off with a double trough-like sink and steam shower.  Jane checked her hotel room voicemail (the red light was on) while Brian and I checked out the accomodations.

Then it was time to go.  Jane had tickets to see 5 shows, one starting that very night, and I had to catch a train back to Jersey to pick up baby KJ from daycare!  Jane walked us downstairs and to the next block.  Brian walked me to the subway.  We all had a fanastic time, as you can see from the pictures!! (below)