What's it like spending an afternoon in NYC with 2 of the most lively, beautiful women in the world?  I'm sure you can imagine!

Many months ago, Jane originally asked Brian Tosko (Jane Badler Society) and me out to lunch for Oct. 23rd, 2007.  Then Jane asked her sister, Alice, to join us for lunch!  Alice got in touch with me and said, "I heard you and Brian are coming to lunch with Jane and me."  Of course, I corrected her and said, "Uh, no.  YOU are coming to lunch with Jane, Brian and me!"  Alice is so silly.

During all of this, Jane got the lead role in a movie being shot in Australia called "Under a Red Moon."  (As of this posting, their site is not yet complete so sometimes it doesn't work.)  Unfortunately, they had to re-shoot some scenes which made it impossible for Jane to come in on 10/23.  Instead, she was pushed back a week, so the new plans were for Halloween 10/31/07!  Halloween in New York City!!!

For fun meetings, Jane is always fashionably late.   The original plan was to meet up at 11:30am.  Then Alice called and said to change it to 12noon because Jane wanted to go shopping at 8am at various places in the city, including Barney's.  So I knew the "real" time meant 12:30.  And would you believe, that's exactly what happened :)

However, Brian and I still had the same plans to meet up at 11:30 so we kept our plans the same so we could catch up while waiting -- hoping the girls really did show up at 12 instead of 12:30.  The Hotel Lobby was quite a nice size.  Brian was there before me so when I got off the elevator (the Lobby was on an upper level of a building with retail stores underneath), he was right there sitting on a bench.  We quickly met up and I got a nice European "double kiss on each cheek" from Senor Brian!  Brian was driving all night to get to the city and he was exhausted, so he excused himself to go find an energy drink.

Now it's almost 12:30 so I decided to find Alice.  She said she and Jane are on the way up to the Lobby so I had to quickly Text Message Brian to get back!  Somehow he made it back upstairs before the girls arrived.  And wa-lah!  The elevator door opened and Jane and Alice stepped out with some shopping bags, saw us and came running over for kisses and hugs!  How delicious!

Jane suggested we do Autographs first, then Lunch and then shopping.  She wanted to take us to a magic shop that her son, Harry, wanted some stuff from (the kids and husband weren't with them -- they stayed back in Australia.)  Sounded fine to us!  We were all giggling and laughing at nothing -- just having a good time -- as we piled into the elevator to get to Jane's room.

When we got there, the cleaning people were servicing her room so we couldn't go in.  Quickly had a change of plans to eat first, so we ate right at the hotel.  We sat on these big couchseats with a low table.  Brian and I had already planned to buy the girls lunch, but before we could say anything, Jane graciously said, "Get anything you want.  I'm treating."  Well!  Who could turn that down?!

Jane and Alice shared a shrimp appetizer while Brian and I sipped our drinks.  The meals took an awful long time to get served, which gave us a great opportunity to talk about everything under the sun!  Including sex!!  We talked about her upcoming CD (see her MySpace Page,) the film she just finished, her mom, Enid, her family, etc.  Brian surprised Jane with DVD's of most of her shows that were only taped (back then) in VHS format!  Jane was absolutely stunned and very thankful! 

I ordered a chicken sandwich which came with french fries.  Being 6 months pregnant, I'm not really allowed to eat too many fun things, so I didn't touch the fries.  Jane helped herself to them!  (fries are totally different in NYC than in Australia!)  You can tell she missed the good ol' NYC cooking!

Finally everyone finished lunch but because it took so long to be served, we were now running very late.  Jane had a limo waiting to take us shopping and it was only good for two hours!  The clock was already ticking!  But we had to do the autographs!!

We *bolted* back to her room which was now super clean.  I had to use the bathroom asap, so I ran in there as Brian started getting Jane's fan mail organized.  Alice was taking pictures.  The bathroom was huge and as I was washing my hands, I spotted some of Jane's lingerie on the counter.  Black, of course, her favorite color.

With four people in the room now, I had to get to the other side to take some pics of Jane signing the autographs (with my cam instead of Alice's.)  I had to jump over the bed because our bags were all over the place from the rush.  Luckily, I didn't harm the camera ;)

Everything was done rush-rush yet Jane read every fan letter from start to finish!  Some had pictures for her to sign, others she signed the fan mail itself.  She personalized as much as she could but as it got toward the end, the Limo was calling.  She wanted to make sure she signed everything and Brian and I shoved everything back into our bags and we were out the door!

When we arrived at the Lobby, Jane went to the Concierge to ask where the Magic Shop was, and the Concierge totally blew it.  He said, "You don't want to go to a magic shop on Halloween.  It will be crazy, especially if they have Halloween costumes!  Go tomorrow."  Can you believe that?!  I was boiling.  This was our opportunity to go shopping with Jane & Alice and bam, spoiled in 60 seconds.

We got downstairs and found the Limo driver patiently waiting for us.  Jane and Alice were going to a furniture store that Jane's decorator had suggested and Alice's daughter, Leigh, was to meet them there at a certain time.  Meanwhile, Enid, Jane and Alice's mother, was due to arrive in the city around 5:30, so everything was on a tight schedule.  Jane and Alice were gracious enough to drop Brian and me off close to Madison Square Garden (where I had to get the train back home.)

Brian was staying in the city but didn't have an evening schedule, so he walked me to Penn Station and stayed with me until my train left.

And that, my fellow lizards and humans, is the story of our amazing luncheon with Jane and Alice Badler!  We had a little more than 2-1/2 hours with the girls!  And we had lots of fun!!

Brian Tosko, Jane, Alice, ilana (6 months pregnant w/ twins) in Jane's Hotel Room, NYC

Jane greets us in the Hotel Lobby

Jane & Brian

Jane & Brian

Jane walks around Lobby with Brian before heading upstairs.

Jane opens hotel room door.

Jane signs autographs!

Alice can't help but give Brian a bonecrushing hug!

In Jane's Room.  Alice & Brian

More Alice & Brian -- woah

Jane has a Limo waiting for us.

That's the Limo Driver waiting patiently since we were late.

Brian and Alice walk toward Limo

Our beautiful Jane.