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UPDATE 8/15/01

From Dena Vaughan : "I`ve been informed from a reliable top-secret source that `V - The Final Battle` is scheduled for release in spring 2002. This will be a two disc set & Warners are in touch with Richard T. Heffron to do a re-working of the entire thing (much the same thing that Kenny Johnson did for the first one). There`s talk this release will include a special features section with out-takes & `last time on `V` trailers. It`s unclear whether the finished product will match the very high standards exacted by Ken Johnson & achieved with the release of the first movie in July. Nevertheless it`s thanks to Ken & subsequent sales that Warners are now considering releasing the next chapter of the franchise onto DVD. Ken Johnson in the meantime is working on a top-secret project of his own that when finished will set TV screens ablaze (much the same way he did back in summer of `83 with `V`). The proposed ideas are in the early development stage & Kenny is playing his cards very close to his chest".

I would like to thank Dena and Ken for choosing my website to post the first glimpse of this interview!  This Sneak Peak is a very small part of the interview, which will be made available in full through the Souvenir Magazine!  There will also be interviews with other cast members!


Dena:  Were you pleased with what you achieved with V or was there anything you would have liked to have done differently?

Ken: Overall I was very pleased with what I achieved in `V`. There was a number of the visual effects that I would like to have done differently or better.  But we were just out of money and out of time.  Likewise on the dubbing stage we dubbed the entire four hours in only eight days which is enormously fast.  There are many things I would have liked to have improved.  I also now would have liked to have done it in stereo, because at the time CBS was only broadcasting in mono and nobody had thought about casting in stereo.

Dena:  What special features do you plan to include on the DVD.  How about a director`s commentary?  Also, would you consider making this release a special edition.  Including maybe 15-20 minutes worth of deleted scenes that didn`t make it to the final four hours?

Ken: I`m hoping that it will be released in widescreen which is the way we filmed it in 1:85 ratio.  Also I would want to redo the soundtrack as I said and remix it in stereo and stereo surround and add some new sound effects and just generally flesh it out.  Also we`d run the film that we ran at the  convention, the behind-the-scenes stuff as well as the gag-reel. And if they wanted I would be happy to do a narrative track on it as well.  There were no scenes that were omitted from the final four hours.  Everything I shot is in the movie.

Dena: The times we live in are moving fast and there`s so many new issues humankind are forced to face than say 15/20 years ago.  Would you ever address any of these in another all-out spectacular mini-series?  Say an updated V for the 21st century?

Ken: In 1993 I developed a mini-series called `The Dominants` for NBC. Which is sort of `V` without the aliens.  We have met the enemy and he is us.  I`m currently trying to retool it and there`s interest that Showtime, if we can get the deal made, to do it as a TV movie pilot and then a series. That`s in the offing, we`ll see...?

Dena & Ken
(that's Joe Harnell in the back on the right!)