Lane SMITH aka Nathan Bates


NEW - 06/13/05 - Beloved "V" actor LANE SMITH passed away this morning at the age of 69 from ALS, also known as Lou Gherig's disease.  A message from his family states:

"Hi and thanks for your concern and good wishes and prayers. We are sorry to tell you that my Uncle Lane Smith died earlier today, a blessed relief from his ALS. Thank you so much for your support. From the Family of Lane Smith"

Thanks to Officially5150 and Jessica F. for the news. Read about it on CNN (thanks Theresa!)

his passing in her daily newscast.

by Tom Tagliente, 35
Solon, Ohio
When the winds of change are blowing your way
Turn and face them head on and pray
And let them guide you safely home
To a peaceful place where your spirit may roam
Do not be sad when you say good-bye
There is a better place awaiting you in the deep-blue sky
Calling you home to rest your soul
To refresh your mind and take control
God has called you back as your work here is done
Your role here on Earth was an important one
As your grace now dances in the golden sunlight
Your accomplished achievements shine oh so bright
There is a reason you left us so very soon
The Lord is with you this warm afternoon
Your life has been renewed through time and grace
But alas, again we will see your face
When the tides turn rough and toss your boat
Steer her with pride, and don't turn tail and float
Face the winds of change which guide you today
Spread your wings proudly and fly away
Your home among angels and singing with joy
Like the days of your youth when you were just a small boy
You are dancing with joy now without any qualms
Graceful and smiling on God's outstretched palms