(Tyler Evans)

NEW - 1/12/2011

LOGAN HUFFMAN was photographed by Mitchell Nguyen McCormack for the January issue of August Man Malaysia. Styling Ashley Phan-Weston.

PS Logan's hometown nickname is "Logie."  Cute!


NEW - 03/31/10

Loving Logan!

NEW - 08/20/10 - LOGAN before and after his "V" haircut!

NEW - 04/05/10 - LOGAN HUFFMAN Coast to Coast AM Part 1

NEW - 03/25/10 - Note from LOGAN HUFFMAN: "Hi Ilana, I just want you to know that this site is a fraud and this is not my signature! Share this with as many people as
you can! Post it anywhere you want, let everyone know that they sell FAKE autographs.
inferisonline.com "


NEW - 03/23/10 - Logan practices forging his 'mother's' signature to get on the ship.

Photo by A. Fester.

NEW - 03/22/10 - New Photos of the April 6th, 2010 Episode!