Devyalento came up with a great idea about "V" Odd Stories!  True "V" fans know that not a day goes by without thinking about "V" or something relating to something related to "V."  This is your chance to tell your stories!

Just to let you know that in the United Kingdom we have a pop (young boy band) group called V.  How cool itís a pitty they don't have lizard faces. - John
Patrick Gillease sent in an article from the New York Post on Wed. June 23, 2004 - there is a new Restaurant called V STEAKHOUSE on Columbus Circle in NYC!  Could this be an open invitation to Visitors for some fresh meat?  The article quotes: "V is not exactly your standard steakhouse ... a vibrant, original menu in a diabolically sexy setting."  So when's dinner?  Oh, why not -- here's a plug: Time Warner Center, 10 Columbus Circle, (212) 823-9500.
This is a continuation of my story from last year, about my new job in which the names of the bosses are John and Diana. We now have both a Daniel and a Steven working for us! We are also a much bigger company know, but it's still really weird that all these V names are popping up in our company!! Sometimes I'm tempted go up to one of these people, and try to see if their skin can be removed exposing lizards underneath. Maybe the lizards are back?? Derek
A buddy of mine and I used to act out V with little stuffed animals because we didn't have enough Barbie dolls. We had Diana as a rubber chameleon. Ham as a penguin. Mike as a dog and Julie, or "Ju Ju" as we called her, as a little white teddy bear who's nose we pushed in frequently to make her look like she was mad at the dog...   Well wouldn't you know it... Since Deb (Marshall) Rollison ("V" author) and I have become friends not to long ago she sent me a care package with a little white teddy bear holding a red heart. Ahhh... I got my Ju Ju bear again! She's sitting on the book case with all my V stuff. - Tamie Kwist
About 6/7 years ago, I was in my first year of high school and during an English reading session a kid in my class brought an old V book to the class. It was from 1985, it was obviously a kid's book and it had about 5 fictional stories about V in it with pictures and a few photo's of the series in it too. I think it was made in England and its obviously rare because I've never seen it before. Anyway, I told the kid I was a big V fan and could I borrow or preferably buy the book off him. He said sure but we both forgot after a while and nothing came of it. Fast forward to the present day, I was shopping in my local high street and I went into the charity shop on the corner, where they sell loads of second hand goods. I was browsing there and, OH MY GOD, I found the book! It was only 50 pence, such a bargain! But, and this is the freaky part, in the contents page, the kid from my high school had his name written in it and a sketch of a Visitor! IT WAS THE SAME BOOK FROM ALL THOSE YEARS AGO!!! How strange and freaky but very cool! - Devyalento
It was time for me to move and I found the perfect place.  After the move, I decide to go exploring to find out the best highways to get me to wherever I was going.  Low and behold, my new dwelling is off of Exit 22!  What are the odds of that happening by accident?!  (for those of you who don't have enough fingers, "V" is the 22nd letter of the alphabet). - Ilana
This is kind of a coincidence since I'm such a V fan, so I just have to mention it. I just started a new job last week and the 2 people who run the company, and are the owners, are named John and Diana. So far, we don't have anyone named Lydia, Pamela, Steven, Martin, Charles, or Daniel, but I still think it's somewhat of a coincidence. - Derek