Here are the Spanish "V" Stickers you may have heard about!  I collected them while I was in Spain back in 1985 or '86.  They're not really "stickers" since you can't peel off the back, however, they came in bubblegum packs just like the American ones.  You'll note they are a little smaller than the American Trading Cards, AND... there's a LOT more of them.  I'm missing about 90-100 so if anyone has ones they don't see on my site, please contact me immediately at

Sad to say, while I was in Spain (I was 16), the family I was staying with tried to contact the company who MADE the "V" Spanish cards so I could buy the complete set instead of a zillion bubblgum packs, but they were on vacation and then it was time for me to go home.  I wrote them a couple of letters but never heard from them...sigh.   But, while I was there, I did manage to also get the "V" Stickers ALBUM!  It's quite long in length.  Naturally, I didn't put the cards in there...didn't want to ruin anything.

Also big over there was the "V" PEZ toys!  "V" didn't have their own Pez dispensers but if you bought Pez, they came with these little round things.  You'll find them on the last page.

Now, most of you have heard of the little "V" Spanish Action Figures.  There are FIVE of them, not four.  Diana, Julie, Donovan, a trooper with his helmet on, and a lizardtrooper.  Being stupid, I gave the 5th one to a friend... and even after I begged and pleaded, he would NOT give it back to me or let me buy it from him, even though he said he was now no longer a "V" fan.  (You know who you are if you're reading this!  I still want to buy it from you!).  Anyway, I've only been seeing the 4 Spanish figures unfortunately, I must've given him one of the rare finds.  Sigh.

But all things aside, I am very proud of my "V" collection, which also includes the Spanish Notebooks, Yo-yo's, water pistol etc.  Not to mention all of the other stuff I have... woo hoo!  If you're selling anything "V", please contact me!  Thanks. 

On with the "V" stickers!!! 

Click Here for the "V" Stickers