"V": The Fans


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Would "
V" be what it is today if it weren't for the fans?  This page is dedicated to all of us who truly love "V"!

ATTENTION: If you attended the convention and want your pics and stories posted here, send them to me at lizard.lady@mindpulse.com .

Most Photos taken weekend of "V" Con 2000 unless otherwise noted.  Click photos to enlarge.
Updated 2/4/01.


Brian & Marin May
Brian & Our New Resistance Leader
Marin May

Brian & June Chadwick
Brian & June Chadwick get ready to invade Elias' Club.

The Ashmore's and Brian
Shannon & Frank Ashmore

Cmdr. Brian Tosko - Washington, D.C.

Here are my ideas for the new "V":
I call it "
V: The Return".

It stars
Marin May as the new resistance leader out for vengance against the Visitors who try to reconquer Earth after assuming chaos would insue due to Y2K problems.

Marin is out for revenge for the murder of her mother. The new Visitors would include: Sandra Bullock (maybe, remember her from Demolition Man?), Brendan Frasier-I will have to think of some more current actors for Visitors.

Sean Donovan would also be involved and could be a potential love interest for Marin. Diana would return for the initial Earth conquest and then retire to the Homeworld (Australia). That way
Jane could live in Australia but still be a part of the new show...she could return occasionally to punish Visitor leaders who "do bad." The Star Child would also have a big role on the new show ...her powers have developed and she can use them to battle lizards....her halfblood relatives.

Mülheimherd.jpg (15803 bytes)
Richard Herd

Mülheimprine.jpg (18356 bytes)
Andrew Prine


I have been devoted to the show since 1984 and live in Germany.

Last year I went to a big German Sci Fi convention where Andrew Prine and Richard Herd were present.

sophiapacker.jpg (11941 bytes)
David Packer & Ayako Nakano

Ayako Nakano, Japan

It was my dream to meet V casts since I was 13! I could join only Saturday (17th) , and I had no time to take a picture with June Chadwick, Judson Scott, Marian May, Kenneth Johnson, I am so sad... I could meet and take a picture with Jane Badler, David Packer, Frank Ashmore, Peter Nelson, Richard Herd, Andrew Prine, Mickey Jones, and everyone is so nice! 
Ayako Nakano, Japan

Jamin2F.jpg (13105 bytes)
Jamin Fite & Ken


Dave May & Marc Singer

Dave May taking Marc Singer hostage.

Dave May & Richard Herd
Supreme Cmdr. John's alive!  Dave and Richard Herd

Dave May & June Chadwick
Dave with Lizard Lips Lydia, June Chadwick!

Andrew Prine & Dave May
Andrew Prine after red dust intake & Dave

Dave May & Jane Badler
Move over Charles!  Dave & Jane Badler are too cute together! 

Dave May & Peter Nelson
Dave & 
Peter Nelson!

Dave May & Blair at dinner
Dave & Blair at dinner!

Lt. Dave May - England

Friday night: I had been in LA for 2 days and was building up to the con. Went downstairs at 8pm - the place was swarming with V nuts!!!!!

Met people I had been e mailing for months and made some new friends as well!!!  There were at least 6 people from the UK just like me!!!!

Saturday morning - Con begins - Couldn't sleep - race downstairs for the opening in normal clothing - no one else wearing V costumes - oh dear - I will look silly.  Who cares???  Back upstairs, change into uniform, come back as Martin in red and gold - wow!!!  - what a reaction!!!!!  Everyone
wants my photo - love it!!!!  (Even Frank Ashmore noticed it!!!) 
Blair Tefkin even took my photo (I'm not worthy!!!!) Excellent load of stalls - finally get a pair of Papillion 2001/s Sunglasses (Visitor ones) to go with my uniform - great!!!!  My laser pistol gets unholstered many times during the day for photos - I even point it at Marc Singer's head!!!!!!  Last thing for the day is to pick up my Special Security Costume (white) for Sunday.

Saturday evening - the cocktail reception.  Great atmosphere all round, the stars everywhere -
Jane Badler and June Chadwick looking totally different - but still great!!!!!  And boy, what an ice sculpture!!!!!  An excellent end to an excellent day!!

Sunday - Turn up on Sunday in my white security uniform and helmet - decide it will be too dark in the convention to leave it on!!!!!  Once again - I am met by a barrage of flashes and requests for photos - if this is fame - this
is great!!!!!  See the almighty
Ken Johnson on stage who announces V is to go on DVD - hurrah!!!  As soon as it comes to the UK I will buy a DVD player. He also shows an excellent out takes video which gets behind the scenes  - superb!!!  The con ends with Jane Badler (!) singing to us all!!!  What a con - i'm glad I decided    to go and be part of it - where else would I have got to where my uniform???

I went out for dinner with Blair Tefkin and her boyfriend, Brian, on Saturday night - cool or what????  I also featured in her documentary on V - she interviewed me for 10 minutes or so!!!!!!

Note from Ilana: Ironic that Blair's boyfriend's name is "Brian", isn't it!

Theresa & Marc Singer
Theresa rubbing elbows with Marc Singer

Theresa & The Ashmore's
Theresa with Shannon & Frank Ashmore!

Dena, Theresa, Mickey Jones
Dena & Theresa with the lovable Mickey Jones!


Theresa Krakauskas - New Jersey

How do I love "V", let me count the ways!  Frank & Shannon Ashmore -- friendly & refreshing; David Packer -- an amusing flirt; Blair Tefkin -- hip & lyrical; Marin May -- sweet & happening; Judson Scott -- attractive & approachable; Mickey Jones -- heart & soul; Marc Singer -- charming, humorous, handsome & too many other things to count; Andrew Prine -- oh so funny & obliging (who knew he was a cowboy!); Richard Herd -- quite the thespian; Peter Nelson -- thought provoking & inspiring; June Chadwick -- vibrant & stylish; Jane Badler -- a grand lady, glamorous yet down-to-earth; Ken Johnson -- the best!  And the fans -- a most eclectic & enjoyable group from all parts of the globe, attending the convention to beat all conventions -- all V all the time!  This con surpassed expectation, gathering all the starts with all the fans.  The guests accessible & the attendees spirited.  And the cocktail reception eclipsed all other parties I've been to -- Los Angeles glittering at our feet, a sumptuous buffet, a dazzling "V" ice sculpture, congenial bartender & a captivating mix of the famous, the unknown, the anonymous & the infamous.  BRAVO!!

Lisa & Peter Nelson
Lisa Cuoco gets cozy with Peter Nelson

Lisa & David Packer
Lisa gets a hug from human traitor David Packer

Lisa & Frank Ashmore
Looks like Frank Ashmore is under cover by still hanging around Visitor Lisa.

Cmdr. Lisa Cuoco - Missouri

The Dinner with the Stars Saturday Night was incredible.  Food was awesome, and so much of it.  Good because I was ravenous.  :o) Judson Scott, David Packer, Kenny Johnson, Richard Herd, Andy Prine (That's how he introduced himself to me).  June Chadwick, Marin May, Mickey Jones and others where there.   Judson and David liked the dress I had on. Dave said he really liked it better than the uniform I had on although it did look nice too. (Huge blush).  Judson kept hugging me every time he walked by.  Talk about yowzers!  The dinner was a sort of formal one in dress but informal in atmosphere.  The tables were set up as if you were eating on the Mothership at one of the banquets.  Small tables with blue globes with candles in them.  Not to mention a dusting of Red Dust on the table too.  Mickey played his blooper reels and some home movie tapes he had taken on the set.  Mickey was a total trip at the party.  Frank is so sweet, too.  Thanks Frank for the Advil - it helped a lot.  As the party rocked on, Jane Badler came in.  She didn't have to, but did because she enjoys being around the fans.  Convention still going strong with the rest of the stars signing and singing.  Go Jane!  As more people came, more V fans showed up in uniform, The Hawiian Mothership crowd made their appearance, Dave May is back in white uniform, and I wore my red uniform.  I saw a woman dressed as Diana in the red dress uniform (Kathy Pillsbury).  WOW!  I wonder if I can wear something like that and get away with it? 

Sheri, David & Jane
Sheri's in kahoots with David Packer and Jane Badler!

Sheri Bell - Michigan

I saw Jane before I left the convention Monday.  Her and her family were going to Disney Land.  Her kids were playing by the front entrance of the hotel and Jane was saying that those were her kids.  I was flabbergasted that she even spoke to me!  That really made my day!

Vickijane.jpg (21734 bytes)
Vicki & Jane

vickijudson.jpg (23979 bytes)
Vicki & Judson!!

vickimarin.jpg (18965 bytes)
Vicki & Marin

vickipacker.jpg (29172 bytes)
David Packer & Vicki

vickiprine.jpg (26286 bytes)
Andrew Prine & Vicki

Vicki - California

For all you Judson Scott fans, Vicki is the President of the Judson Scott Fan Club!

If you're interested in joining, send a self-addressed stamped envelope requesting information to:

The Judson Scott Fan Club
P.O. Box 70716
Riverside, Ca.  92513-0716