Faye GRANT aka Juliet Parrish

Faye Grant pre-"V"

Faye Grant pre-"V". This is Faye's agency photo.

Looking good!

NEW - 11/25/10 - How funny is it that TWO of our "V" actresses, FAYE GRANT and RHONDA ALDRICH (V:TS "Wildcats") are playing the same role in a play called The Autumn Garden at The Antaeus Company Theater 5114 Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA, 91601 818.506.5436.  Play closes Dec. 19.  FAYE plays in The Idealists version and RHONDA in The Dreamers version, so if you go, be sure to get tickets for the show featuring Faye OR Rhonda!  It's one or the other!

FAYE GRANT at the first rehearsal of play The Autumn Garden



First rehearsal

NEW - 11/18/10 - We all know the story about how FAYE GRANT worked with KEN JOHNSON before "V" and how Faye told Ken she wanted to work on "V" no matter what, even if she had to sweep the floors.  So I asked KJ if Faye and the others he previously worked with had to audition for "V."  KJ responded

"She did not audition for V.  I knew she'd be excellent, told NBC I wanted her, and they said fine.  Most all of the other actors read for their parts or I saw film on them and hired them from that."

NEW - 09/12/10 - FAYE GRANT is back in the game!  Not in "V," but in a play called The Autumn Garden!  The show runs from October 23, 2010 - December 19, 2010, so if you're in the LA area, now's your chance to see our girl!  I've seen FAYE in several theater shows and let me say, she is amazing.  Antaeus Company at Deaf West Theatre , 5112 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601.  Tickets by phone: 818-506-5436 .  More info HERE.  On a side note, ELIZABETH MITCHELL was interviewed and said she'd love to see FAYE play her older sister in "V."  Go HERE to read about it.  (Thanks Brian and Tamie!)  If you're going to se the play, please email me at lizard.lady@mindpulse.com !

NEW - 07/07/10 - FAYE GRANT received a phone call from KEN JOHNSON a few months ago.  Let's continue to make KJ's "V" Film happen!  Would be great to see the original cast back together!  FAYE and husband, STEPHEN COLLINS, support the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.  You can, too, by clicking HERE.

NEW - 04/14/09 - Video of FAYE GRANT and husband Stephen Collins talk about Going Green. (Thanks Elisabeth!)

NEW - 09/11/08 - Faye is  in Kate Hudson's new movie, out this month, called My Best Friend's Girl.  She plays Kate's mother. 

NEW - 08/23/04 - This ARTICLE is most likely about FAYE GRANT's dad. (Thanks Elisabeth!)

NEW - 07/14/04 - Pics of FAYE GRANT and daughter Katie in a story written by Faye's husband, Stephen Collins. Click HERE. (Thanks Elisabeth!)

NEW - 08/16/02 - Save Faye's show State of Grace!  Sign the Petition to renew! http://www.parentstv.org/actionalert/081402.asp (thanks Theresa!)

NEW - 06/13/02 - "V" fan, Francoise, gets extra part on Faye's State of Grace!  Click HERE to read the story!

NEW - 06/06/02 - Faye Grant 1/2 owns a Furniture Decorating retail store.  This makes perfect sense, since when I visited her on the Broadway stage of Singin' in the Rain, and she invited me to her dressing room, her room was decorated beautifully.  Also, when I worked with her husband, Stephen Collins (Mr. Seventh Heaven) on the NBC comedy "Working It Out," I helped Faye carry all the furniture she had in storage for Stephen's dressing room. Read the June 2002 House & Garden magazine, page 113 (thanks Jaime Boler!) to see a pic (or scroll down to see the pic)!  Furniture store is WAREHOUSE DECOR, 1715A Berkeley, Santa Monica, CA. If you see Faye, say "hi" for me!

NEW - 3/23/02 - Posted Ilana's interview with Faye Grant from 1/5/1986

Faye Elizabeth Yoe. That's her real name. She uses the stage name Grant because that's the street she grew up on in Michigan. Her dad wanted her to be a lawyer, she wanted to be an actress.

While I was in high school, I had heard a rumor that Faye was doing a broadway play. I ran to the local library and did hours of research until I found it: the article that said Faye Grant is appearing in NYC on Broadway in "Singin' In the Rain!" Living only 35 minutes from NYC, you can just imagine what happened to me next! (insert heart attack here). I had never met a "V" actor before, so the opportunity to meet Faye was just something out of this world!

Unbeknownst to my best friend, Tari, I had made plans for us to see the play. I dragged Tari into the city and since we had some time to kill, we ate lunch. "Wouldn't it be funny if Faye wasn't here today?" Tari jokingly said. I growled, finished lunch, and pulled Tari with me to the show. Naturally, we were early so we snuck around and found the backstage door. That's where we planned to hang out after the show so we could catch Faye on the way home! We opened the door and peeked into the area. It was quite large and had a huge elevator, as well as a room where the doorman stayed. He greeted us and after questioning us why we were inside, told us that Faye had some throat problems and wasn't doing the matinee today. My heart sunk, my whole being was just disintegrated. As we turned around to leave, who walked in but HANSFORD ROWE!! He played Eleanor Dupres husband, Donovan's step-dad. It turns out he was in the play, too! I felt a LITTLE better.

We took our 3rd row seats and watched the play. I'm sure Tari enjoyed the show (she's not as big a "V" fan as I am so it didn't matter to her). I was so upset about Faye, I didn't even know what was going on. I did find out, however, that the character she played, Lina Lamont, was supposed to have a very terrible voice. That would account for why Faye was having throat problems. She had to put on this awful voice eight times a week! I already knew I had to come back and see the play again with Faye in it.

Next time I was more prepared. Being the President of the Quad V Fan Club, I just *had* to get an interview with Faye! The doorman, having recognized Tari and me from the previous week, let us stand inside the backstage area again. Every time the huge front door would open where the actors come in from the street to go up to their dressing rooms, my heart stopped. I was frozen. This must have happened half a dozen times, and each time, it wasn't Faye. However, THIS time, I got the chance to speak to Hansford Rowe! He was very pleasant, and signed an autograph.

Tari was very silently standing next to me, probably trying to calm me down. I'm sure Tari must've slapped me a few times. I can't remember anything except watching that door open and close. Finally, Faye walked in. I just about jumped out of my skin. I couldn't move. "AHHHHHHHH!" Faye screamed and ran over to me. She pointed at my "V" shirt, "What's that?!" Her huge smile and warm welcome didn't help me ease up since I was so nervous. I told her my name and that I ran a fan club, and she was more than happy to answer the few questions I had scribbled down on a piece of paper. She even LOOKED at my paper! In between questions, one of her friends showed up so she excused herself for a minute or two, leaving Tari and me to catch our breath. She didn't go out of sight, however. Then she came back and said she had to go up to her dressing room to get ready, and how it was nice to meet us. She took the large bouquet of flowers someone had left her, and went to the elevator.

Still in shock, I couldn't move. A few minutes later, the elevator door opened and Faye was still in it. She called out, "Someone pressed the down button" and waved to us. We didn't see the play that night, but I went back myself another time. Faye was *wonderful!* She used some weird voice, and stole the entire show! I had to see the play again...

This time for curtain call, I had pre-arranged with Faye to do an interview after the play. I had called her up on the phone and they put me directly into her personal phone line in her dressing room! I didn't expect her to answer the phone and agree, so I must have sounded like a little dorky teenager. I brought along my brother, Justin, to take pictures, and Patrick, my Quad V partner. We saw the show (once again, it was fantastic!) and after that, we waited in the backstage lobby until she called down to the doorman to send us up. Yes, we were invited into Faye's dressing room!!! She had it nicely decorated and said it was (don't know)...some word kids don't know about. There was a book on her coffee table, some pictures of people I didn't recognize stuck in her mirror, etc.

I placed the taperecorder down on the table, and we began asking her questions. All of these times and interviews are documented word for word in the Quad V newsletters. If anyone is interested, just email me at lizard.lady@mindpulse.com.

We showed her the Spanish "V" collection cards I got when I visited Spain, and there was one of the scene in V:TO where she first meets Donovan. She *begged* me for that one. At first I said "no" because I was/am such a big "V" fan, I couldn't stand to part with it, but because I had an extra one, I finally gave in. My brother, meanwhile, was getting some great shots!

After the interview, she asked all three of us if we wanted to leave by going through the stage area. Of course, we all jumped at the chance! She led us down there and left us to walk around, check the props, etc. I remember seeing tracks in the stage where all the different huge scenery items would move into and out of place. What a night!

Tari and I met Faye Grant many times after this. She did the Broadway play "The House of Blue Leaves." We also went to the Williamstown Theater Festival in Massachusetts two times to catch her in plays with her husband, Stephen Collins. In everything we've seen in her, she's been wonderful. And very polite and glad to see Tari and me, as well! Finally, after signing Zon only knows how many autographs, she signed one for me as "To My Favorite Pest..." Hehe.

After graduating college, I got my first television production job on an NBC sitcom with Jane Curtin called "Working It Out." It also starred Faye's husband. Faye would come to the set 2 or 3 times a week, so I got to see her all the time! It was just GREAT! I had told Gina, my boss, how big of a Faye Grant fan I was, so a couple of months later when the show was in rehearsal, she told me Faye was there. I almost died. How could I do my job knowing Faye was right there?! I started to flip and decided to do some stuff in another part of the building to distract me. An hour or two later, Gina told me she needed my help on set. As we were walking there, Faye came out and recognized me right away! "Ilana! What are you doing here?" she said. So I froze up as I did the other times and I guess Gina told her I worked there...I can't remember because I was so excited! Turns out Gina didn't need my help afterall on set; she just wanted me to see Faye! I'll never forget how sweet of Gina that was.

I got to see Faye tons of times, go to her apartment (although I never went inside...I had to drop off some costumes for Stephen), and she told me she had some "V" stuff she could give me if she ever unpacked them. Turns out, she never unpacked them. I helped Faye bring in furniture and stuff to decorate Stephen's dressing room, got to play and hold K.C., their baby girl, then only 1 year old, and all sorts of stuff like that. It was one of the best times of my life! Not to mention working on the set of "Working It Out" was more exciting than any place I've ever worked before!

Faye's last television appearance, not including the audience shot on Rosie O'Donnell, was on Seventh Heaven with her husband--1997.

And there you have it. If you wish to send fan letters to Faye, just forward them on to me. You can email me at lizard.lady@mindpulse.com and ask for my address to send her letters, and I will forward them onto her.

Most photos are property of Quad "V" Fan Club.  Please do not distribute w/out crediting us.

Faye1.gif (28398 bytes) Outside of her Broadway play "The House of Blue Leaves."


Justin & Faye Ilana's brother, Justin, and Faye Grant, outside of her Broadway play "Singin' In the Rain."
Faye4.gif (11972 bytes) Backstage at "Singin' In the Rain."  The roses were left for Faye.  Don't know who sent them.
Faye5.gif (15805 bytes) January 5, 1986.  In Faye's dressing room at "Singin' in the Rain" during one of the Quad "V" interviews.  Yes, that's her bathrobe folks!
Faye6.gif (14402 bytes) More of Faye in her dressing room.  Pictures taken by Justin.
Faye7.gif (14730 bytes) Faye taking her final bows in her play "The House of Blue Leaves."  Is that a wig?

Picture taken by Dave Tirschman.

Faye8.gif (21459 bytes) Another one outside of "The House of Blue Leaves."  We caught her on her way home.
Faye Grant/Stephen Collins Faye Grant and husband Stephen Collins in December 1998.


(thanks Elisabeth!)

Stephen Collins & Faye Grant 1983 Pre-Marriage

Stephen Collins & Faye Grant

The Rover Faye Grant in "The Rover" in Williamstown, MA

She's the one on the right. That's Christopher Reeve in the middle. Yes, I saw this play :)

This was released overseas and was never supposed to be.  There are more of these pictures.  I have another one somewhere in my piles but it will be impossible for me to find easily.  When I met Faye in NYC during Singin' in the Rain, she couldn't believe I had a copy of this series of pictures and said how upset she was that the guy who took them released them.  Apparently, he thought he could get away with it, not knowing Faye Grant fans lurk everywhere.

fayemanna1.jpg (23376 bytes)

Faye Grant sitting down in movie Manna From Heaven, to be released 2001.

Click picture to enlarge.

fayemanna2.jpg (24783 bytes)

That's Faye getting her tooties massaged in Manna From Heaven.

Click picture to enlarge.

Fayemanna3.jpg (56992 bytes)

Faye and co-star enjoy a hot drink, even though they have a look of concern on their faces. Click picture to enlarge.

Fayemanna4.jpg (58816 bytes)

Talk about being squooshed!  Manna From Heaven.  Click picture to enlarge.

Fayemanna5.jpg (191792 bytes)

Faye has red hair in Manna From Heaven, just like she did in the Broadway play House of Blue Leaves. Click picture to enlarge.

fayehexim.jpg (20913 bytes)

Faye with Jon Erik Hexim.  This shot was never released due to Jon's death.  Faye was in an episode of "Voyagers!" with Jon.

fayeomen1.jpg (20637 bytes)

Faye in "The Omen IV."

fayeomen2.jpg (22831 bytes)

Faye worked on "The Omen IV" when I was working with her husband, Stephen Collins, on the NBC sitcom "Working It Out."

fayeomen3.jpg (24748 bytes)

Faye's character stabs this deceitful man in "The Omen IV."

Faye Grant & Stephen Collins at Viewers Voice banquet, 10/2000.

June 2002 House & Garden magazine
page 113 (that's Faye standing up)
State of Grace Viewer's Awards, 2002

(thanks Kimberly Morgan!)


Faye's Agency photos


"V" fan, Francoise, gets extra part on Faye's State of Grace!

The day I went to work for State of Grace. Well, I was in a very good mood that day. ( I got my 3rd sag voucher) The first thing you do is checking in with a Production Asst. or a 2nd Asst. Director.  Then you go to wardrobe and Mitsy ( very nice lady ) found a very pinkish cute 60's dress for me, with a hat!  Once dressed I went to see the hair people so they can do my hair. I forgot to tell you that this morning I came with lots of rollers on my head. On the freeway people stare at you as if you come from planet Mars. I looked funny! So for an hour or so, they worked on my hair. A piece of art. But what a job!  I don't know how the ladies used to do in the old times. I heard that they used to sleep with toilet paper around their hair so they don't have to re-do everything in the morning.  My hair was so hard from gels and sprays, I had to shampoo three times to have everything removed.

Then you wait... you talk to other extras in the holding area and then they call you.

It was an airport scene, and it was a Faye Grant scene. Her character learned that her daughter was in a hospital and she basically wants to buy a ticket to get in the plane. I didn't recognize Faye right away. She was so different than on the TV  Series V.  Her hair, her make up, her dress and her acting. It was her eyes that caught my attention and her energy.  My memory was searching and one name came out: Faye Grant from V.  Then I looked at the crew called sheet and it was her.  I couldn't believe it!  Still very beautiful!  Not even one week earlier I was wondering what has become of her.  In France we don't receive all the USA shows or movies and V is the only thing I know with her. And here she is.  When you will look at the episode in State of Grace, the lady in pink she pushes, it's me.  This day, Faye had allergies and was tired.  I wanted to talk to her but at the same time didn't want to disturb her. And as you know extras can't talk to lead actors unless they talk to us. You can be fired for that also. I wanted so much to tell her that she has fans in Paris, France too. She a wonderful actress. And I wish that soon we'll see her in movies too. - Francoise

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