Frank ASHMORE aka Martin/Philip


Frank Ashmore at the "V" convention in Los Angeles, CA in 1986.

Frank Ashmore is by far one of the sweetest actors I have ever met.  In 1986 the ShadowCon X convention was no longer for Dark Shadows fans.  This was pure "V"!  Although there was an actor from Battlestar Galactica, there was nothing else to be found except "V" stuff.  You can read all about the ShadowCon X on my Shadow Page.

Frank and Mickey Jones were both on at the same time.  Questions where flying left and right and the two "V" actors answered everything. 

Later on, there was a special room set up that Frank and his family were spending some quiet time in.  My two penpals, Debbie and Sharon (from Hawaii!) happen to have been the BIGGEST Frank fans that ever existed!  They had pre-arranged to enter the special room and spend time with Frank!  As president of the Quad "V" Fan Club, the girls asked if would like to join them!  What?!  Like they had to ask?!!!   Well, it was the most amazing 1/2 hour.  You can see one of the pictures taken in there with his wife (see below).  You know how you can tell if an actor is just "there" at a convention or if he really cares?  Well, Frank really cares.

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Mrs. & Mrs. Ashmore

Mrs. & Mr. Ashmore

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