Mickey JONES aka Chris Farber


mickey1.gif (11018 bytes) Mickey Jones and Ilana at the ShadowCon X in California, 1986. (yes, that's a "V" shirt I'm wearing-I don't have a "V" costume).

06/6/02 - Do you want to meet MICKEY JONES? (Chris Farber). He's hosting the 3rd Annual Bikes & Blues CHOC Ride on June 23, 2002!  Bring the family and help support the kids of CHOC.

04/13/01 - From Dena - "Mickey Jones will be doing a PAL version of the convention video for all those in the UK & Europe! Unfortunately conversion costs make buying this format more expensive than it`s NTSC counterpart. However I`ve been told from various sources that this 80-minute video is awesome. Even Mickey himself is really proud of it! This version will only be available in limited quanties so it`s best to get your order in quick! For all those from the UK/Europe wanting to buy this then contact Dena for ordering details."

04/01/01 - The "V" CON VIDEO by Mickey Jones is now available!  Order it HERE .

In 1986, I attented the ShadowCon X in Los Angeles, CA.  None other than Mickey Jones and Frank Ashmore were there!  Mickey Jones was far from the character he played on "V"!  In real life, he is a pussycat!  

He is very much into video and he himself had taken pieces of "V" that never made it to television and made a "V" Bloopers Reel!  It was hysterical!   It was so popular that after the main section of the convention was over, the convention heads had no choice but to play it over and over again in a smaller room where they were showing "V:TO" and "V:TFB."

Mickey went on to talk about the movie he had just finished with Michael Ironside (who used to be one of Faye's best friends) and even showed us some behind-the-scenes footage he personally took!  It was GREAT!  It showed Michael Ironside just goofing off!   Things we fans DIE to see!  And there it was!

Turns out that most of the movies Mickey's in that Ironside's in, Ironside got Mickey the part.  The two were very close buddies.  I don't know if they became close because of "V" or if Ironside even got Mickey *that* part.  So, Katie, Becky--if you're reading this, I need to know!  (Katie and Becky are the biggest Ironside fans in the universe!).

After the convention was over and I was safely home in NJ, I couldn't stop thinking about the "V" Bloopers Mickey had shown us.  So, I dug and dug and got Mickey's phone number, left a message for him and guess what?  HE CALLED ME BACK!!   Yes, on the PHONE.  Can we say "died and gone to heaven?"!

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Mickey enjoys the fans.
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These pictures were taken with fans at ShadowCon X.   Aren't the uniforms GREAT?!
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