Hansford ROWE aka Mr. Dupres


Hansford Rowe Backstage at Singin' in the Rain on Broadway in NYC

Can you believe the luck I had when I went to see Faye Grant in the Broadway play "Singin' in the Rain?"  If you read my Faye Grant story, you'll note that I had no idea Hansford was in it.  As I was waiting backstage for Faye (who called in sick that day
but I didn't know it yet), the door opens and in walks Hansford Rowe!  Talk about a choke-attack!  I almost drowned in happiness!   Two "V" actors for the price of one! 

Hansford was very nice, as you can see, we talked about "V" hence the picture above.  He didn't have too much time to chit-chat since he had to get ready for the show, but
just seeing him perked me up!  He didn't have a big part in the play, but he was great anyway!

He told me a few times later that he and his wife were moving to Los Angeles and he gave me his address out there so I could send him the Quad V issue he was featured
in.  Woo hoo!

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