This is the place to express your good feelings about the "V" Actors, Crew and "V" in general!  Some of the "V" affiliates do visit the site, so maybe they'll see this!



I wrote Ken Johnson an email and he answered back!! He is soooo sweet. He said his daughter's name is Katie too and he has never worked with Michael Ironside. I told him how much I love "v" and that I got the dvd and just love his work on "alien nation" too.. He is really nice and I am soooo touched that he wrote back. Thought you'd like to know - but you know how special he is, right? Right!!! - Katie

DIRECTOR AND THE WHOLE CAST OF"V": Kenneth Johnson, was, is, and still is a Great Director, a one of a kind you won't find or combine with any other.  And the Cast Members, were and is still is, more than talented in giving the viewers what they wanted to see, Their Best!!! - Paulette

I think he's a great writer and deserves far more credit than George Lucas. In my personal opinion, all the movies he has written has held my interest more than any Star Wars movie ever could. - Infamousgucci

BLAIR TEFKIN (Robin Maxwell)

8/15/04 - It's been 4 years since my visit to Los Angeles and my first visit to the States to attend the V con  - but was it worth it! I got to meet all the actors at the con, and then the added bonus of going out on a dinner date (well ok her boyfriend was there, but hey!) with Blair Tefkin - what a lovely lady she is too.  I think that she played the part of Robin in all of the incarnations of "V" extremely well, and the "alien twins" birth is certainly a scene that has stayed with me over the years! You honestly could not meet a more talented and day to earth person if you tried.  If you are reading Blair, hope the music is still going ok, and if you are ever in London, let me return the dinner date favour! - Dave May (UK)

8/15/04 - I am big fan of Blair Tefkin's and her music. I  hope she will be doing another CD of her music soon. I have been playing  it to anyone who listen usually in the car when I'm giving someone l lift. You'd be surprised at the amount of people who say this is good; who is it? And then I promptly give the address of Blair's website. I Hope Blair will do some more live shows soon so I can get the chance of coming over to see her. I am involved in organizing our own local music festival (we do it for nothing to raise money for charity and to bring to people new bands). One day I might ask her if she come over and appear in one of our festivals. DJ Rosy Red - UK.

MARC SINGER (Mike Donovan)

What can I say?  He and Michael J. Fox were the first crushes that I had as a six and seven year-old.  Those tight stonewashed jeans, the vest he always wore, that smile, those eyes!  He is a
wonderful actor--endearing in "The Beastmaster" and conniving in "Paper Dolls."  We don't see enough of him today on the screen.  Marc, you're the best, and the only one who could play Donovan for me. - Jaime Boler

FAYE GRANT (Julie Parrish)

I don't know a lot about you, but seeing you in the movie drive me crazy and the tv show state of grace I became a big fan. theres not a lot about you out there. well I just wanted to let you know that there are people out there that that think about you and care about you, like me.  Always, Ashley Smith

Wow this is the 1st time I saw your web site! I love it!  I am a Faye Grant fan!  She is just so beautiful and talented! I can't believe you met her!  I'm a 14 yr. old girl w/ lots of money and a sucky life but everytime I see Faye on TV or I see pics.of her I get happy!  My dream is to see her and talk to her in person even if it;s just for like 2 minutes or something!  Anyway I just wanted to let you know you have an awesome website and thanx! See ya, Michele

Thanks for all the bio work on Faye Grant.  She is such a gifted actress in my opinion, I would have thought that she would have been a big star? - Patrick in Illinois

As for Faye, all I can say is that Seventh Heaven guy (her husband, Stephen Collins) is one lucky guy!  It never really hit me until just a few days ago why over the years I have found myself extremely attracted to short attractive blondes with take charge personalities... it was because I fell in love with the Julie character as a kid.  I guess the closest TV character in today's terms would be the short red-head feisty character of Scully of the X-Files, but Julie will always be my first love :) - Kevin Suarez

Since 6 years, I've been a fan of Faye GRANT. Since I have seen "V" because my father was already fan of her.  She is beautiful, she is my favorite actress. I love her. I dream to write to her, even to meet her. - Marie Thiery

Faye Grant's character Julie is my hero. I love Julie's smile, her boldness, her bravery and her coyness. I love her mentor role towards Robin and Elizabeth. My favorite scene in all of V is when Julie tells off Ham Tyler after returning from her attempted conversion. I first watched Faye Grant in The Greatest American Hero, in which she sang at least a couple of times, sharing her beautiful voice with the world. She is an amazing performer and I hope she continues to share her talents on screen. -Tamie Kwist

MARIN MAY (Katie Maxwell)

I was just on your page and saw the autograph section for the first time. What a cute picture of Marin as Katie!!! - Tamie Kwist

As for the pics of Marin, wow she has really grown. I hope she's getting some good parts there in Hollywood. Its a rough place to be in but I'm sure she'll get along fine.  As for me just wish her all the best and hope she gets good parts to play there in Hollywood., and thank her for the wonderful work she did in V. Just wish her the best for me. -  Rajendra Dwarka

She's awesome!  And really, really cute and sweet!  Maybe I should ask her for her hand in marriage... oops... no, that would be a bit too forward, wouldn't it?  (I'm only kidding around of course!) - Brian Westfall 



I adore Jane Badler and one of my ambitions in life would be to meet her. - John, Scotland

I've been a huge fan of Jane ever since I first saw her in V, but since V I've only ever seen her in Mission Impossible. If you could give me *any* information about Jane's singing career, I'd be very grateful - Peter

Ever since I was little Iíve always dreamed of meeting the two leading ladies of V. As a young girl, they were there V characters were the only two positive female rule models I had. Jane and Faye played their parts great and I canít ever picture someone else playing those characters. Their characters were such strong leaders for being women. I think their roles helped pave the way for female characters who are leaders. - Bobbi Moore

"V" In General

Way back when, right after "V - the mini-series" was first televised, my older brother had the opportunity to visit a power plant in Huntington Beach, CA (about 40 minutes south of Los Angeles) as part of a Boy Scouts activity.  The power plant, then called "Haines" power plant, was the plant used in "V" (right after the Visitors first reveal themselves to the earthlings).  Anyway, I was pretty young - 7 or 8 years old, and "V" was the coolest thing I had ever seen in my life.  So, when my brother came home from his trip to the power plant, I didn't think much of it, as I didn't know where he had been that day.

He then proceeded to tell me that he had been to the plant where they filmed "V", and that in the parking lot there was A VISITOR SHUTTLE STILL THERE!!  He had tried to open the door, but it was locked.  I remember him telling me how the windows were so dark, you couldn't see in, and he thought that maybe they weren't windows at all, but black plastic. Apparently, the Shuttle had been sitting there for some time and the production crew just hadn't picked it up yet.  I was so jealous of him... I was too young to be in Boy Scouts or I would have been there to see it too!  I should have begged my parents to take me over there to see it, but for some reason I didn't (stupid, stupid, stupid!!!). Another thing - I asked him if he remembered anything else, and he remembers that there were red, white and blue ribbons all over the place and " Welcome " signs all around....I thought that was pretty cool!!!  If he would have only grabbed something >:( - Brian Fletcher