V: The Second Generation


V: The Second Generation Letter Writing Campaign


Obviously our letters to Jeff Gaspin at NBC over the years hasn't done a thing.  Thanks to Patrick Gilliease, we now have a new contact over at SciFi Channel.  So whip out the good old pen and paper (or write a letter on your computer) and send it to:

Bonnie Hammer, President of Programming
SCI FI Channel
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112 

Here's Bonnie's Fax #: 212-413-6509


THE CAMPAIGN STARTED SUNDAY, OCT. 19, 2003, one week prior to the V:TS Anniversary of October 26th.

WRITE TO JEFF GASPIN @ 3000 West Alameda Ave, Burbank, CA 91523.
(Thanks David H!)

Feel free to take the banner above and post it on your website with the link to my site as:



WRITE TO JEFF GASPIN @ 3000 West Alameda Ave, Burbank, CA 91523.
(Thanks David H!)

I've been receiving a lot of emails from the "V" Fans -- lots of questions, lots of proposals, lots of fear.  The fear boils down to the fact that we're afraid we're going to be sucked into something that's not really our beloved show "V."

Huh?  So far, only JANE BADLER has accepted her role back as Diana.  The others asked: MARC SINGER, ROBERT ENGLUND, and FAYE GRANT have been asked, but haven't given an answer.  Why are they the only ones who have been asked back?

Let's backtrack a little.  WB released V:TO on DVD with no plans to release V:TFB.  But wait!  As soon as WB saw the incredible response and how much money they made, boom, they rolled out V:TFB DVD.  It's allllllll about the money.  If WB is smart, they're going to release V:TS on DVD when V:The Second Generation (V:TSG) is about to premier.  Let's wait and see on this one.

So since it's all about the money and from the inquiries I've been getting from the fans, it appears, and of course we all could be wrong (yeah RIGHT), that if V:TSG mini-series does well, WB will turn it into a Series.  Being 20 years later, naturally we're going to need some new characters.  But what about the ones we've been in love with for the past 20 years?!  How can they just DROP these people without a word, leaving us in pain?! 

It could be that TPTB are banking (ha!) on the fact that we're going to watch it anyway.  Well, of course we are.  But will it be what WE want "V" to be?  The people working at WB and NBC in 2003 aren't the same ones who were there 20 years ago.  They don't KNOW how it feels to be US, the fans.  They don't know that we will not be fulfilled unless we see characters we love and adore!  And of course, from V Con 2000, we know that the actors will be more than happy to reprise their roles!

V:TSG takes place 20 years after V:TO which means the deaths and births of those after V:TO don't count.  Characters from *after* V:TO don't count.  But they DO count to US!  Like Ham Tyler and Chris Farber!  Feel free to include them in your letters, because even if they're not in V:TSG mini-series, maybe they can be implemented into a new series!


"V" was first aired on a Sunday.

EVERY SUNDAY, WRITE A LETTER TO THE FOLLOWING ADDRESS STATING WHICH CHARACTERS AND BEHIND THE SCENES PEOPLE YOU WANT TO SEE IN V:TSG.  Feel free to write about your other "V" stuff, but always start out with CHARACTERS AND PEOPLE THAT SHOULD BE INVOLVED IN THE NEW "V." (i.e. JOE HARNELL for music composer).  I don't care if you make a photocopy of the same letter and mail that out every week, as long as you mail it out every week Sunday so it's in Monday morning's mail to ensure what I'm about to explain below.

ADDRESS: GREGG MADAY c/o Warner Brothers. 4000 Warner Blvd. Burbank, CA 91522

This is not a one time letter writing deal.  This is a ONCE A WEEK thing.  If all the letters are mailed out Sunday, this will guarantee and influx of letters ALL AT ONCE on different days of the week.  Example:  West Coast letters will be delivered within 2 days -- arrival: Tuesday.  East Coast letters 3-4 days: Wed/Thurs.  Overseas letters should arrive by Friday.  Sunday, the new batch of letters gets mailed, starting all over again.

THE CAMPAIGN STARTS THIS SUNDAY, OCT. 19, 2003, one week prior to the V:TS Anniversary of October 26th.  GOOD LUCK to us!!!

The below POLL does not include Diana, Julie, Donovan or Willie since they've already been asked back.  Leave a message in there for other characters/people you would like to see.  The characters in the poll are the ones that were sent to me in email by all of you.