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Ilana Rapp, 1995 - 2009

(V 2010-11 Showrunner/Exec. Producer)

SCOTT ROSENBAUM recognizes PROJECT ALICE!  MTV News interviewed Scott!  Read full article HERE!  Overseas see the video HERE!

NEW - 6/21/2011 - Our very own Showrunner and Executive Producer, SCOTT ROSENBAUM, will be bringing us Pirates to FX!

Scott Rosenbaum sails with 'Royal'

'Shield,' 'V' alum takes reins of FX pirate drama

Coming off of ABC's "V," showrunner Scott Rosenbaum had plenty of offers to join upcoming primetime skeins.

He was close to committing to a project that was in need of major retooling when he got a call about a month ago for a meeting he couldn't pass up. Producers Gale Anne Hurd and Graham King wanted to talk to him about the pirate drama they were hatching atFX, "Port Royal."

After hearing Hurd's broad-strokes vision for the show about a subject that has fascinated her for years -- the buccaneers, merchants and other colorful characters that inhabited the Jamaican port city in the late 17th century -- Rosenbaum was in. And the fact that "Port Royal" was set up at the cabler where he cut his teeth as a scribe, working on "The Shield," only added to his eagerness to set sail with Hurd and King.

"With Gale and Graham involved, it'll assure that the show will be given the epic and expansive treatment it needs," Rosenbaum told Variety. "And I love the idea of going back to work with the FX team, because creatively this is the best home for this show."

Forget the camp of Capt. Jack Sparrow. Rosenbaum said they plan to play these pirates as straightforward characters, ruthless in their larceny but also governed by an unusually strict, surprisingly democratic code of conduct. Hurd has sent Rosenbaum a ton of books and articles that she's been collecting for years in anticipation of doing a project set among the real pirates of the Caribbean.

"What really attracted me to this show was the spectacle and the fact that the characters and the place in time really helped shape the evolution of the New World as we know it," he said.

Rosenbaum is now in the midst of working out the initial 13-episode arc for the show and then will focus on the pilot script. FX is high on the project, which marks a departure from the gritty contemporary fare that has been a hallmark of the cabler's drama series.

"Port Royal" hails from King's GK-tv, Hurd's Valhalla Entertainment, FX Prods. and Fox Intl. Channels.

Rosenbaum started his career as a staff writer on "The Shield," rising over six seasons to exec producer status. He served a stint as an exec producer of NBC's "Chuck" before he was recruited by Warner Bros. TV and ABC to take the reins of the struggling "V" shortly after the sci-fier debuted in 2009.

Rosenbaum is repped by UTA and attorney Michael Gendler.Rosenbaum is repped by UTA and attorney Michael Gendler.