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There are so many talented "V" fans out there!  Over the past 15 years, so many of you have sent me some great stuff, most of which was posted in the Quad "V" Fan Club newsletters.  If you have any fan artwork you'd like to share, please send it over!

Please note this is all fan-done and has no direct relationship with the rights of "V", products or the actors.  This is strictly for amusement. Click on some of the pictures to enlarge.

Check out the amazing "V" Flash screen Jayson made me!!  Thanks Jayson! I love you!

By Christopher

By Christopher
thilda1a.jpg (23628 bytes)
By Thilda
thilda2a.jpg (24613 bytes)
By Thilda
thilda3a.jpg (19769 bytes)
By Thilda
thilda4a.jpg (14406 bytes)      thilda5.jpg (13033 bytes)
By Thilda
thilda6.jpg (44446 bytes)
By Thilda

Unknown Artist
Starchild Rap by Jaime Boler

Hey, hey! I'm the Starchild.
Lend my your ear,
It'll be safe with me.
Got lots of cool powers
I can be meek and I can be mild
But over guns I can tower.
Wanna see my forked tongue? I'll show you--
Kyle likes it and says it's great.
I look eighteen but I'm just two.
My mother wanted Kyle for her mate,
Ha! ha! He's mine.
My dad's dead--I saw it all.
Wanna hear my favorite line?
Pretenama. That's the key.
Gotta give peace a chance--
Soon the two peoples will see.
Oh, how the Leader raves and rants!
Hey, hey! I'm the Starchild.
Lend me your ear,
It'll be safe with me.
Diana wants to get me,
I'm a priceless commodity.
Hey, hey! I'm the Starchild.
Wanna see me molt?
My horse did and boy did he bolt!
I know how to levitate.
I'm here because of fate.
Hey, hey! I'm the Starchild.

"Fast Food"
by Jonathan S Farley

"Chochenge" Inspired by Carol Duggan

The Leader and Diana Salute the embarkation fly-by on their homeworld before the fleet sets off for Earth - by Jonathan S Farley

The fighter has now sunk, looks like this is it for
Diana! - by Jonathan S Farley

What happens next? Will Diana escape?
by Jonathan S Farley

But what is this? has someone come to the rescue? No its Lydia - by Jonathan S. Farley

By Unknown

Jonathan S. Farley

Jonathan S. Farley

By Paulette Langan


By Tamie Kwist

By Christopher Browning

Pit Van Calvin II

Pit Van Calvin II

By Douglas Nicol

By Derek Evan

After watching alot of video footage of Visitor Shock Troopers & Security Guards,  I've come up with a list of recommendations for improving the training of the Shock Troopers and Security Guards. Please pass these on to the Visitors who are responsible for training troopers and guards at the academy.

#1 During basic training, instructors must continuously point out the foolishness of taking cover behind objects such as cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes can be easily penatrated by bullets and laser weapons, and offer no protection to anyone hiding behind them.   

#2 Instructors must teach troopers and security men to use "extreme caution" when entering a room which may have enemy fighters inside it, especially when shots have already been fired. It is not wise to go charging into a room at full speed when there's a good possibility that an armed person may be inside the room just waiting to "open fire" on you.

#3 There must be MUCH higher standards at the shooting range. Shock troopers and security guards must become much more accurate with their laser weapons before they are permitted to graduate the training. They must be able to hit both stationary and moving targets, and should be taught NEVER to fire without first aiming their weapons!

#4 It must be reinforced that the eating of rodents or any other food while on duty is STRICTLY forbidden, and that it is forbidden for a trooper or guard to accept any food that may be offered to him while on duty. (Mice are often offered to security guards as a "bribe" in return for letting an unauthorized person into a secured area). Any breach in security must be dealt with in the severest manor!!!

By Javier Sanchez Cabrera

Thanks Jan!

Ryan Dustan made this 2 piece mask!

Thanks, vladcorail !