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Ilana Rapp, 1995 - 2009



"I am not nothing, but the Haunted Man" - Stefan Arngrim

Stefan is definitely a unique man.  In speaking with him, he has a very interesting take on life.  It's his confidence, strange and positive attitude which makes him very attractive.

Stefan is best known for his character, Barry Lockridge, in Land of the Giant.  He's also an accomplished musician, having been in several bands.  He was also in "The X-Files" as well as countless other shows and plays.

Currently living in Canada, Stefan and his sister, Alison (of "Little House on the Prairie" fame,) grew up in New York City. (go NY!)

Look for Stefan's "V" character, "Roy," to be in upcoming episodoes of ABC's "V."



IR:   Did you audition for your role in "V" or were you offered the part outright?
I met and read with Yves Simoneau - whose work I was familiar with and had wanted to work with for some time. - This was apparently mutual.

IR:  Did you watch "V" when it originally aired in 1983-1985? If not, have you seen the two mini-series and series? If yes, what are your thoughts on the original vs. the new pilot script? If no, are you planning on watching the original in the near future?
No, but I watched the original series when aired as my pal Mike Ironside was regular - and I liked the 'take' on the concept.

IR:   Please give insight into your "V" character. Example: does your character have any flaws or weaknesses.
 Roy is virtually all flaws and weaknesses - except for one - that i hope I shall get to reveal on upcoming episodes.  It is something Yves and I talked about for the future.

IR:  How do you relate to your character in real life, if at all?
Like all characters I play, Roy is just a part of me that I turn the gain up on as required.  Again, Yves is such an extraordinary director and was able to fine tune what was already there - ready and waiting to be used.

IR:  What's your average day like shooting "V?"
 Actually, this was one of the busiest sets I have worked on in years!  All my work on the show was concentrated into a few days and the time - (14 hr days!) - flew by - another testament to Yves Simoneau.

IR:  Please share anything funny (blooper-like) that's happened during your "V" shoot.
This is tough because everyone who worked on this show was so clever and witty and faced with rather dark - uncertain material.  It brought it out in everyone - I think dancing out of the wheelchair for Yves was amusing - certainly got a good laugh from the cast and crew!

IR:  How did you get into acting? If you could be anything other than an actor, what would you be?f
I was born to it.  I am a third generation actor/poet/musician.  I was five years old - my folks had a party - (I was raised on west side of Manhattan) - and a casting director named Marvin Page was a guest.  As I was standing on the coffee table (way past my bedtime) and reciting Brando's Brutus soliloquy from Julius Caeser - which I had just seen - Marvin pointed out the obvious to my parents and asked if they had ever thought about my working.  They had not.  A few weeks later I auditioned and got my first job - a year and a half on the soap opera "Search for Tomorrow" - LIVE.  Loved it, and gratefully, so did others.  Just kept working.  I have done everything I have ever wanted to do through the auspices of being an artist.  If you got the sand for it (and it takes real sand!) I wouldn't couldn't recommend anything else!

IR:  What were you interests when you were in school as opposed to now? Example: favorite subject or sport. Has that changed in time or still the same?
Nope.  Still the same - art in all it's glory and forms!

IR:  Who are your favorite book authors and musicians?
Big fan of french symboliste poets - Rimbaud, Baudelaire, etc. - But my mother gave me the complete works of Edgar Allan Poe at age nine.  Made up my mind - changed my life.  A complete list of my favorites would be a book! - but I am very fond of Delta Blues, Robert Johnson, Charley Patton, Son House, etc.  Also love Miles, Mingus and Monk, Ludwig van and Prokofiev - oh here we go....blah blah blah.

IR:   Has anyone ever given you advice when you were a child that's stuck with you forever? If so, what was the advice?
Nearly as big a list as my favorite artists, but one of the first things I remember and use today was from my father on acting - 'if you think it - if you believe it - it will show in your eyes and behavior' - that's all I really know - and it works!