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Sybil DANNING aka Mary Kruger


Sybil Danning with KJ and ilana

Sybil Danning (center) with Baby KJ and ilana at the Comic Con, NYC, Friday, 11/17/2006.

(Please note baby KJ is wearing a "V" T-Shirt!)

There’s nothing more enticing than meeting the legendary Sybil Danning.  Best known to us “V” fans as the human-processing queen, Mary Kruger, Sybil is the most incredible woman. 

Baby KJ and I (ilana) had such an incredible time sharing Sybil with her adoring fans on Friday, November 17, 2006 at the Big Apple Comic Con in NYC!  This was the second time I’ve met her, but the first time for Baby KJ.

Baby KJ giggled and grinned while Sybil held her up, not once making a reference how delicious one-year old Baby KJ might taste as an appetizer.

Soft spoken and delicate is not the way Sybil’s fans would perceive her in real life (you may remember her as the hungry werewolf in “The Howling” movies.)  However, Sybil is just that.  A wonderful combination of knowledge, caring and spirituality.

Sybil was genuinely interested in hearing the tales of my life with Baby KJ.  One would think the fans would be asking zillions of questions, but as I stood in the background feeding the baby, listening to the other fans talking to Sybil, I was amazed to hear how easy Sybil turned the conversation around to find out things about the fans.  She was absorbing the information, even if it only stayed with her for that convention weekend.

Sybil has an upcoming movie with Patrick Swayze, so be on the lookout for that.  As always, you can find her pre-USA films, as well as USA films on VHS and DVD.  (Baby KJ’s like, “What’s VHS, mommy?  Oy!”)

Born in Austria as a pre-mature baby, the doctor told Sybil’s mother that it would be a miracle if Sybil lived to be 5 years old.  Well, Doctor, just look at Sybil now!

You can visit Sybil’s website at .