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(Georgie Sutton)

Dog lover, water lover.  You name it and David knows it.  David is a very personable and knowledgeable guy who just keeps on going with whatever he's focused on. 

Born on April 5 in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, David currently resides in Vancouver (how conVenient!) with writer / director Kelly-Ruth Mercier. 

David started his professional acting career in his second year of college and has since won a Leo Award! 

David's the guy you recognize in a gazillion productions.  He's been in "Battlestar Galactica," "The L Word" and "Smallville," just to name a few.

Looking forward to seeing you in "V," David!

NEW - 7/11/2011 - DAVID RICHMOND-PECK (Georgie Sutton) and his wife, Kelly-Ruth Mercier, need our help. Their baby daughter, Piper Rose, has many health issues and has spent more time in the hospital in her short life than at home. If you'd like to donate, please go HERE: DONATE TO HELP PIPER ROSE

NEW - 05/10/10 - DAVID RICHMOND-PECK is doing a fundraiser for DOXA Documentary Film Festival called EXPOSED! CELEBRITY CAMERA AUCTION.  "Equipped with single-use cameras, your favourite celebs have unleashed their point & shoot creativity to support EXPOSED! DOXA’s second annual Celebrity Camera Auction. The only stipulation they have been given is that one of the photos must convey their identity in some way. The celebrities have sent the undeveloped cameras back to DOXA to be auctioned off on eBay during the festival."  DAVID took photos of many script notes made while creating Georgie on V.  Go check out the auction on eBay and bid NOW!

NEW - 05/05/10 - DAVID RICHMOND-PECK has been nominated for a Leo Award for the category of Best Guest Performance by a Male
in a Dramatic Series  
V - It's Only The Beginning. Congrats, David!

NEW - 04/25/10 - Got a great pic and note from DAVID RICHMOND-PECK! 

"Hi Ilana - Hope you are fantastic!  Here's a shot of me (no shower, same clothes as yesterday, outside having coffee and reading a script) - lol :) Taken with my beat up Macbook.  Keep up the awesome work.  You rock!"

(Thanks DRP!  We love ya no matter what you smell like!)

NEW - 04/04/10 - "V" Fan Sue Maynard reports back from Wizard World's Toronto Comic Con with DAVID RICHMOND-PECK!

Just wanted to give a quick update and photos from Wizard World's Toronto Comic Con, where I had the honor and pleasure of meeting David Richmond-Peck!  He didn't have a panel, unfortunately, but he was at his booth pretty much the whole weekend, signing autographs and having pictures taken.  Everyone who met him thought he was super nice, including me!  lol
I was wearing my V shirt on day one, which he saw right away, so even though I was standing in line with a friend to help her get some stuff signed for charity from one of the other guests, I got drawn over to David's table and chatted with him the whole time I was waiting for my friend.  I told him I'd gotten the t-shirt from you YEARS ago, and about how I was wearing it when I'd met Morena back in 2006.  I also told him about the giant V poster I'd gotten her to sign, that was from one of Toronto's bus shelters, advertising the show before it came out.  He said he really wanted to see it, because he'd seen them around Vancouver, too, but never up close, so I promised to bring it in for him on Sunday when it was slower, people-wise.
I chatted with him off and on between events on Saturday, too.  He seemed to be having a good time, and told me he'd called, like, 8 people the night before, telling them that he was going to get to see one of the big posters!  lol
There was a fire alarm partway through the day on Saturday, and the whole building had to be temporarily evacuated.  I caught sight of a little V placard by the entrance sign, so I stopped to take a quick shot of that during the evacuation, as well!  lol
Finally, Sunday arrived, and I lugged the huge poster tube downtown and stowed it in the photographer's booth until it was time for the big unveiling.  David did not disappoint...he was so excited, he helped me roll it out (we made room on Gil Gerard's abandonned table, as he'd had to leave to catch his plane), and he got a good long look at it before he signed.  THEN he cajoled his sister and a convention volunteer to hold the poster up behind his booth, while standing on chairs, so that he and I could pose in front of it while my friend took pics!  lol
She'd been taking shots the whole time, too, so that I could send some to him, and some to you!  ;)
He told me to contact him on Facebook and/or Twitter, because maybe I could ship the poster to Vancouver and he'd get everyone to sign it before they wrap, but it sounds like they are almost done the season, and there won't likely be enough time now.  :/
Still, it was an amazing offer for him to make!
He said he was going to "call Joel and tell him to tell Morena that he'd gotten his hands all over her poster...and made it RIGHT!"  LOL
It was so fun.  He was so great and nice and funny...just really down-to-earth and easy to talk to.  Just the way I like my Resistance leaders!  ;)
I've included several pics from the weekend, as well as a miscellaneous one of my friend and I with David Hewlett from Stargate Atlantis.  It was taken last summer, and I was wearing the shirt, so HE suggested that we all pretend to tear our faces off in honor of the original show, as well as the new one, which hadn't premiered yet!  I thought you might get a laugh out of that one, too!  lol
Take care, and keep up the great work,
PS  OMG your kiddos are SO CUTE!!!  XD
PPS  Apparently Michael Ironside also made a brief appearance at the con, talking about a videogame he'd done one of the voices to, but I didn't see him at ALL!  He wasn't announced...I think he was just there doing interviews.  Still, I wish I'd seen him!  I'd love to meet him!  Gah!

DAVID RICHMOND-PECK (Georgie) will be at Wizard World's Toronto Comic Con March 26-28, 2010. (Thanks Sue!)


IR: What do you think / read about when dabbling in your interest in human psychology?  Who or what got you interested in it?
DRP: Let me first say that the question makes me sound like a psychology buff. I’m not. I have an interest in human behavior. While at work most of my time and thought is spent on figuring out why my character thinks or acts like he does. I guess you would say the work got me interested. It’s now a vicious cycle (laughing)

IR: What was your favorite part of one of your past interests: biology?
DRP: I did like biology but my favorite was debating. It’s what made me want to be an actor. I loved being able to take on a belief system of someone I disagreed with. It was the one thing I always worked hard at. I come from a medical family and thus had an interest in science but never wanted to pursue it.

IR: You seem very well connected in today's world of social networking.  Were you ever an "onliner" before the Internet was big?  Example:  Did you ever logon to BBS's (bulletin board systems) and just chat for hours on end?
No. I only started a few years ago. I do most of my script and character research online. I find it fascinating that we have access to information about almost anything. Social Networking is how we now share information. It’s the way of the future that’s already here.  (you can find David on Twitter - @richmondpeck)

IR: Regarding work, have you ever needed to travel outside the Canada / California areas for a long period of time?  If so, how does this affect (or not affect) your home life?
We haven’t had too much trouble. We’re used to having hectic schedules. My home life is truly fantastic. I just wish sometimes I could be as organized at home as I am with my work.

IR: Why does Kelly-Ruth put up with you? :)
DRP: (Laughing) I ask myself that question sometimes. She puts up with me because we’re perfect for each other. I’m glad. We’re both demanding for, and of, ourselves. So I guess I’m saying we’re both a pain in the butt, but… I know quite a few people who envy us, as we’re both in the business [so we understand what the other is going through].  We’re a formidable team. (Uh…Is she going to read this?).

IR: What are your common distractions? 
I’m constantly distracted with the character I am playing. I have an odd habit of completely exiting conversations to enter whatever world my character is in. Doesn’t matter what I’m doing. It’s not a good habit.  Little things people say or do make always give me ideas about work. Kelly-Ruth sometimes asks who she’s talking to.  She always knows when I ’disappear’ and someone else is present.

IR: Passion can sometimes escalate and/or be confused with obsession.  Now that 4 episodes are done, do you think your "V" character, Georgie, is obsessed with spreading the truth about the Visitors or just passionate about his beliefs? (or both?)
DRP: I think it’s beyond passion. It's his purpose. It’s his destiny.  That storyline began well before we see him in the pilot. Is he obsessive? Years ago,Georgie made the decision to turn his life over to a cause after he suffered an unthinkable tragedy.  Can we call it “obsessive” if the person actually chooses the obsession?  If yes, they Georgie is definitely obsessed.  Failure is not an option, in his mind.

IR: As an actor, what's it like having to react to items (ie Mothership or that flying death-ball) that aren't really there?  Does someone tell you where to look, like a marker?
It’s always harder to interact with something that’s not there. When looking at the probe we were actually looking at some guy holding a metallic ball on the end of a stick. That’s when the imagination kicks in. (laughs) It just makes me think about what an amazing job I have. It’s like high stakes day camp.

IR: In the Pilot episode when the flying death-ball invades the Resistance meeting, were you given a drawing or an advance peak at what the ball would look like?
DRP: I can’t remember. I think Yves described it to me at the cast dinner. Steve (Pearlman) showed us a few images but I think it was after we had already shot the scene.

IR: What is/was your process of figuring out how you want to play Georgie?  Were you given a synopsis of his past history or did you make that up in your head?
DRP: Characters always evolve. Life changes them as it does us. So the work is constant. I’m a big believer in script analysis. I take every single bit of information I can and use it to create or advance the character. Once the map of that life and story is pulled from the script I’ll then start to expand outwards and research from other sources. Georgie is the product of dozens of hours of conversations with Kelly-Ruth (I think she’s one of the finest coaches in North America, but she thinks I exaggerate), some good collaboration with Yves, and countless hours writing and answering questions. Georgie and I have become very close.

IR: In the 4 episodes filmed so far, which Georgie scene stands out the most to you?  Which Georgie scene had the most Takes? (take 1, take 2, etc.)  Why did that scene have to be shot over and over again?
I love the scene with Father Jack in the church in the third episode. The characters are in opposition but there is a great connection between them. It’s the start of something. It’s a moment that changes the direction of their lives. We shot that scene late at night and we were short on time. I really wanted more takes. There were no outrageous number of takes in any scene but shooting T.V. moves much faster than film.

IR: How do you go about learning your lines for any character?  Do you read through the entire script first or do you thumb through the pages and only read your character's scenes, then go back and read the entire script?  Do you have a "special place" you always go to when learning your lines, like a favorite chair or place outside?
I start by reading the script. Without boring you with too much of my process learning the lines is the absolute last thing I do. By then I’ve done so much research the lines are just there. They make sense.  

I have a particular place where I do my work. I have twenty-four hour access to my friend Kevin McNulty’s garage. Kevin is an extremely talented actor and is accustomed to my weird working hours. I call it “The Office”. We just installed a wood-burning stove to keep it warm during the winter.  I used to do my work at 24-hr coffee shops, and I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people in Vancouver who’ve seen me talking to myself at all hours of the night and wondering if maybe I shouldn’t be out unescorted.

IR: Please share ANYTHING about "V" that will make the fans drool - something behind the scenes that fans wouldn't normally know.
If you want to have fun on the set of “V” go to the make-up trailer. We have some great conversations in there. It’s the calm before going to the storm of work. A typical day is fourteen hours. That doesn’t include whatever preparation I may want to accomplish for the following shooting day. We have trailers that are extremely comfortable but if I’m sitting in the trailer I’m most likely finishing work on the upcoming scene. I’m sure some people have an idea of it being extremely glamorous but it really is a long, tightly packed day of work. As far as sharing something to make you drool? There is something about the resistance I could tell you…Oh, wait. (laughs) Then I’d have to kill you.

IR: What upcoming shows/films can we look forward to seeing you in?
I worked on Joe Carnahan’s prequel to “Smokin’ Aces” directed by P.J. Pesce. That’ll be released in the January. I also just completed an episode of “Fringe”. I’m reading two film scripts at the moment but it’s too early to comment on either. I’ll usually tweet on twitter if I know something’s about to air. (@richmondpeck)


IR:   Did you audition for your role in "V" or were you offered the part outright?
Yes, I did audition for Georgie. It was a tough one. I was deep into shooting Joe Carnahan’s prequel to ‘Smokin Aces’ (directed by P.J. Pesce) and had to push the audition several times because of scheduling conflicts. I was finally able to put the audition on tape, which was followed by a calDRPack with Director Yves Simoneau at the production studio. I believe (producer) Steve Pearlman was there as well. I knew immediately that I really wanted to work with Yves. He’s an extremely intelligent storyteller and very specific. It was also a great script. Of course, I am extremely pleased. I believe Georgie is a true collaboration of all involved.

IR:  Did you watch "V" when it originally aired in 1983-1985? If not, have you seen the two mini-series and series? If yes, what are your thoughts on the original vs. the new pilot script? If no, are you planning on watching the original in the near future?
Yes I did watch the original ‘V’ when it aired. I was very young at the time and remember being very frightened. I can’t speak specifically about the new script but I can say (producer) Scott Peters and the rest of the team did a fantastic job. Fans of the original will be very pleased. This is a very well told story and the pilot episode is incredible.

IR:   Please give insight into your "V" character. Example: does your character have any flaws or weaknesses.
 I can’t speak specifically about the character, but I can say that I loved playing this guy. I suppose one of the first things I do when creating a character is to identify their one passion – the thing that is their compulsion; the thing they just cannot leave alone. “Georgie” is one of the most committed, passionate characters I’ve ever played. After this, I really try to articulate what it is about the character that is ‘broken’ – in other words, the thing that manages to keep them in similar circumstances episode after episode. In this case, I might suggest that Georgie’s passion is both his salvation and his tragic flaw. We’ll have to see how things unfold in episodes to come…

IR:  How do you relate to your character in real life, if at all?
Both Georgie and I are really, really focused and disciplined. I suppose you could also say that live and breathe our passion morning, noon and night.

IR:  What's your average day like shooting "V?"
 Shooting was a lot of work, a lot of stress (the good kind), and a lot of fun. Everything I love about the job. This is an extremely intelligent and collaborative group. It was fantastic.

IR:  Please share anything funny (blooper-like) that's happened during your "V" shoot.
It will be much more fun for everyone to watch first and then get into the things that went sideways.

IR:  How did you get into acting? If you could be anything other than an actor, what would you be?f
I did a lot of public speaking when I was younger and always found myself creating a character that would have a set of beliefs similar to the particular side of the argument being debated. I was also a movie fanatic. It seemed to be a natural combination of both passions. After moving to British Colombia I was directed by Kelly-Ruth Mercier in the Greek Tragedy ‘The Bacchae’. Kelly-Ruth, another fantastic storyteller (now my fiancé and acting coach when she’s not busy directing), was doing her Masters in Directing at The University of British Colombia. When the play ended I immediately applied to a conservatory acting program (Studio 58). I was hooked. I started working professionally after that. I don’t think there is anything else I could be. I am an acting-addict. It would have to be something to do with telling stories.

IR:  What were you interests when you were in school as opposed to now? Example: favorite subject or sport. Has that changed in time or still the same?
I really enjoyed English and Law. I also loved biology. I now have an interest in human psychology. If I were to go back to school I’d be a psych major.

I did a ton of sports while at school (Football, rugby, squash, skiing and sailing etc..). While at university I enjoyed the art of the Keg-Stand. I was a fraternity maniac then. I lived in Whistler for a year after University and became addicted to snowboarding. I also love the water. Sailing is something that never left me and I would very much like to become better at kiteboarding (have equipment and ready to go). I’m also trying to learn golf but the sport is destroying me. I love a challenge so it might be my next thing.

IR:  Who are your favorite book authors and musicians?
I love Chris Martin and Coldplay, Silversun Pickups (great band and awesome to watch), Postal Service, The Tragically Hip (Great Canadian Band), and a ton more.

I really loved reading Timothy Findley’s ‘Not Wanted on the Voyage’ when in school (Modern re-telling of the flood in Book of Genesis) but I’ll pretty much read anything people suggest.

When I worked on ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’ Keanu Reeves (avid reader) gave me a list of his favorites. I put it in my car one day to pick them up while I was doing the play Red Light Winter by Adam Rapp (Also directed by Kelly-Ruth Mercier). Someone stole the car as well as the list. That’s life I guess.

IR:   Has anyone ever given you advice when you were a child that's stuck with you forever? If so, what was the advice?
  My father. “You can be anything you want to be. Just do something that makes you happy and get the proper training”