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Ilana Rapp, 1995 - 2009

(Valerie Stevens ex-Valerie Holt)


Ohhh Lourdes!  What a sweet, sweet woman!  Lourdes lived up to her word and gave me the below interview!

Lourdes Delarosa Benedicto was born in JANE BADLER's birthplace, Brooklyn, NY! (so was Ilana!)  Lourdes is a Scorpio.  Tssss, beware!

You may recognize her from her stints on "24," "Numb3rs," "Cashmere Mafia," "The Nine," "Dawson's Creek," "ER," "NYPD Blue," "Law and Order," and the movie "Drive Me Crazy" with FAYE GRANT!

NEW - 07/24/09 - Just heard an update from LOURDES BENEDICTO (Valerie Stevens!) She will be attending the TCAs in Pasadena, CA July 28-31, 2009 at the Langham Huntiington Hotel.  The Television Critics Association (TCA) Tours provide credentialed television writers and trade reporters with a preview of upcoming high-quality, original cable programming and an opportunity to speak with talent and network executives.  


IR:   Did you audition for your role in "V" or were you offered the part outright?
Yes, I auditioned for the role.

IR:  Did you watch "V" when it originally aired in 1983-1985? If not, have you seen the two mini-series and series? If yes, what are your thoughts on the original vs. the new pilot script? If no, are you planning on watching the original in the near future?
I have a vague recollection of the original mini series, but I was young at the time and don't think I watched the entire thing or even understood it.

IR:   Please give insight into your "V" character. Example: does your character have any flaws or weaknesses.
 Valerie is a psychologist and therefore has a very scientific and practical mind.  When the "Visitors" arrive she is skeptical, yet amazed.

IR:  How do you relate to your character in real life, if at all?
I've always considered myself as having a practical view on life, and yet just like Valerie- I have a broad emotional life as well, I guess that is what makes me an actor.

IR:  What's your average day like shooting "V?"
 I have only shot the pilot so far and don't have enough days to speak about an average. But if we get picked up, I will let you know.

IR:  Please share anything funny (blooper-like) that's happened during your "V" shoot.
Didn't have any, yet.

IR:  How did you get into acting? If you could be anything other than an actor, what would you be?f
I have loved acting from my first play in elementary school to now. I studied at Carnegie-Mellon Univ. in Pittsburgh.  It was a conservatory program for drama.  Loved being on stage. Then I came to LA and started to work in TV.  My second favorite thing that I do is being a mom.

IR:  What were you interests when you were in school as opposed to now? Example: favorite subject or sport. Has that changed in time or still the same?
Time has not changed that much- still love to act, did that all through school and still love to be active. Played sports in school and I love working out and staying in shape.

IR:  Who are your favorite book authors and musicians?
I like fictional history, as a fun read- like Phillip Gregory's books.  I love Coldplay.

IR:   Has anyone ever given you advice when you were a child that's stuck with you forever? If so, what was the advice?
Work as if everything depends on it and pray as if everything depends on it.